Prayer for the Nahara

CPM – Church Planting Movements

Our desire for the Makua Nahara is that many will experience the saving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Traditional church structures with buildings and trained ministers seem inadequate in a context in which illiteracy is so widespread and finances are limited. Therefore, we have a different vision: we are asking God for a Church Planting Movement (CPM).

Church Planting Movements are characterized by small house churches in which faith is actively put into practice from the very beginning. In CPMs, new believers share their faith experiences early on so that new small groups are being established all the time. The growth of such movements happens through multiplication - it is exponential rather than linear. Many of our prayer requests are guided by this vision.

Prayer Requests – Evangelism & CPM

  • Individuals, churches, and small groups that will pray for the Nahara
  • Sufficient resources to spread the Gospel
  • Strong reach of our “Storytellers„ (Solar-powered MP3 audio Bibles)
  • Salvation for entire families
  • Success in children’s outreach
  • Finding key people (people of peace)
  • Blessing for the training of new leaders
    • Wisdom in developing adequate and useful teaching units (story series etc.)
    • Development of church life that suits Nahara culture
    • Methods that allow the Nahara to become leaders independent of the missionaries
  • Courage for the first converts to share the Gospel
  • Development of indigenous worship

Spiritual Atmosphere and Strongholds

Because animist rituals (demon and ancestor worship) play a major role in Nahara areas, people need deliverance and light in this dark spiritual atmosphere in order to be able to live in freedom and accept God’s love.

Prayer Requests

  • For people to be delivered from...
  • Demonic bondage
  • Fear
  • Sexual confusion and bondage
    • Sexual abuse
    • Oversexualization and promiscuity


Overall development in Nahara areas is quite low. Let us pray for this need, too.

Prayer Requests

  • Expansion of the work of „O Bom Samaritano(Posts for Natural Medicine)
  • Successful launch of dental care outreaches (Jan Rößler)
  • Further developments within the state health center
  • Concepts to help the Nahara make the best use of existing resources
  • Education
    • Development of literacy and other educational projects
    • Change in mentality: acceptance of educational aid


In the long run, we hope to see positive changes in Nahara society. Many of these could happen as the natural result of a church planting movement. We would like to ask for your prayers even now: pray that God would begin to prepare people’s hearts for these changes.

Prayer Requests

  • Crime reduction
  • Building of trust
  • Disappearance of corruption
  • Application of Biblical values
  • Transformation of marriage and family life

Short video about CPM

Basic Requirements for a CPM

  • Extraordinary prayer
  • Abundant gospel sowing
  • Intentional church planting
  • Scriptural authority
  • Local leadership
  • Lay leadership
  • House churches
  • Churches planting churches
  • Rapid reproduction
  • Healthy churches

Characteristics of a CPM

  • Working through Person of Peace
  • Insulation from Outsiders
  • A High Cost for Following Christ
  • Bold Fearless Faith
  • Family-Based Conversion Patterns
  • Rapid Incorporation of New Believers
  • Worship in the heart language
  • Divine Signs and Wonders
  • On-the-Job Leadership Training
  • Missionaries Suffered

Martin teaching

Children’s outreach

Storyteller (solar-powered audio Bible)

In front of a post for Natural Medicine

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