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The Makhuwa Nahara region

The Makhuwa Nahara live in close proximity to the coast, normally about 3-5 km from the beach, rarely as far as 10km.

The area the Nahara live in is located in Nampula Province and spans the districts of Mossuril, Nacala-a-Velha, and Memba. The cultural center is located on the Ilha de Moçambique, which was at one time the capital of Mozambique. The southern border is to be found in the Lunga area. To the north, Nahara settlements end a little south of the Lurio River. The river simultaneously serves as a natural border to the neighboring province Cabo Delgado.

The Port of Nacala - „Porto Nacala“ - is at the center of Nahara territory. The city of Nacala was not established until 1970: it developed after construction on the port had begun in the Nacala Bay area around 1930. Since that time more and more factories have been built in the area, and the city has increasingly drawn people from many different ethnic backgrounds in search of urban life. This however means that Nacala itself is not considered Nahara territory in the classic sense as the Nahara traditionally make their living as fishers in rural areas.

The next few years may bring similar developments for Nacala-a-Velha - „The old Nacala“ on the other side of the bay. Another port is currently being built there to transport coal from as one of the largest coal reserves (Tete) was just discovered in the country's interior. It will be interesting to observe the impact of both of these economic zones in the heart of Nahara territory.

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