The Nahara

The Makhuwa of Northern Mozambique, a Bantu subgroup, are Mozambique’s largest ethnic group, comprising around 40% of the population. They adhere to various religions, including Christianity, Islam and animism. The Nahara, a subgroup within the Makhuwa ethnicity, have settled primarily along the northern coastline, where most make their living as fishers.

Fishery is not only the main source of income for most Nahara – it is also an essential part of their identity and way of life. The Nahara generally identify themselves as Muslim while in practice mixing their faith with animist rituals and ancestor worship. The Nahara are unreached: In the last months a few persons have converted but there are no Nahara lead churches among them. The few first believers are not yet able to reach out to their own people group. Not only do the Nahara live in one of the most impoverished countries on the African continent; even within Mozambique they are considered extremely poor.

Over the past ten years, a few missionaries have set out to bring the message of salvation to this people group. Please join us in prayer for the Makhuwa Nahara. Pray that many would be set free from the bondages of animism as well as the legalism of Islam and would find security and hope in Jesus.

Thank you for your interest in this people group!

In a bairro

Makhuwa at the public fountain

Women on the road

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